An undated mugshot of Jessica Reger from the York County Prison.

If you’ve got multiple kids to transport, and your ride is a Corvette, you’re either making multiple trips, or you’re going to do something really stupid. Jessica Reger of Pennsylvania—the person with the happiest mugshots ever—is accused by police of going with the latter option, shoving her two kids in the two-seater’s trunk.

About a week ago in Hanover, Pennsylvania, police pulled over a Chevrolet Corvette after receiving a call from someone who claims to have seen the passenger, Jessica Reger, put her two children—aged three and five—in the car’s trunk.


Naturally, the police weren’t too thrilled to see two toddlers in the trunk of a car, so they hit Reger with two misdemeanor chargers of endangering the welfare of children and recklessly endangering another person, The Morning Call reports. The driver of the Corvette, Ilena Blackburn, was also charged with endangering the welfare of another person.

We don’t know exactly which model of Corvette this was, so we’re not sure if the kids were in a real, enclosed trunk, or if they were just under the rear glass behind the front seats.

Kids are not grocery bags bags—put them in a seat!

h/t: The Morning Call