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Mom Drifts Ford Focus RS, Doesn't Completely Hate It

Alex Goy of Carfection got his mom in a Ford Focus RS with the intention to prove that anyone could drift the super-hot hatch. Luckily for us, she played along.


We know a thing or two about sending our moms out to drift. Jalopnik’s Jared did it just last week, to great effect.

After literally being taken for a spin a few times, Hillary Goy is paired up with Ford PR’s Andy Benson to help teach mom how to do the massive skids.


While I cringe every time she closes her eyes while jamming the throttle and yanking the wheel, I can’t help but think how much I would enjoy putting my mom through a similar torture.

And in the end, Hillary only gives up once she’s back in the passenger seat (who can really blame her after a point), having proven that pretty much anybody can, in fact, drift the Ford Focus RS.

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Garrett Davis

It hasn’t gotten old for years now to tell people that my mom’s a race car driver. She gets sideways on the track every other Saturday, with three first place trophies and one roll over to her name! And yes, she is in her 60's as well.

Love ya, mom. Just wish you were this cool when I was in high school.