BMW Asshat Arrested After Commenting On Video Of Him Racing Through Traffic

GIF of video re-uploaded by CBS News

“Take it down before I get in trouble,” 23-year-old Darran Anderson reportedly commented on a video of him in his BMW cutting through traffic on New York’s Long Island Expressway. That didn’t really work out for him.


Anderson was recorded doing typical streetracing bullshit yesterday on the LIE with a pair of other cars, one of which recorded the whole run and posted it to Facebook, as, CBS News, and NBC News all report. This is the same road where that dude claimed to have run his Koenigsegg past 200 mph, if you’re curious.

Anderson attempted to get the poster to take the post down, and it was indeed removed, but not before the Nassau County Police Department saw it and tracked Anderson back to his home in the Bronx.


He faces up to a year in jail for a misdemeanor count of reckless driving.

Remember kids, what you call a cool video, the cops call evidence.

(Hat tip to Sean!)

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Speeding really shouldn’t be a felony. Don’t we have enough people in privatized prisons already? Slap the felony charge on when people are hurt.

Thousands of people are hitting and killing pedestrians and cyclists every year and only a very very small percent of those folks get slapped with a felony charge. Speeding with zero damage inflicted should come with less of a punishment then distracted driving accidents that involve another vehicle, person or property.

Also, asset forfeiture is some serious b.s.

I say all this, after some jackass sideswiped me last summer in his/her murdered out late model Challenger. I was in the slow lane of an empty five lane I-5 southbound freeway and they still blazed into me at over 100mph.