Understanding The World's Most Misunderstood Car Culture: Donks

That 1980s Caprice you saw drive past you on chrome wheels, polished to a mirror finish? Here’s why it looks that way, as explained in the most thorough set of interviews possibly ever recorded on the subject.


I wrote my own guide to donks a couple years back. I fell for donks because they could have a sense of humor, one that laughed in the face of everyone who didn’t understand them.

About a year after that Najib Aminy got a hold of me to record an episode on donks for his podcast Some Noise. This may well be the most comprehensive look at donks ever attempted, with interviews on how they’re made, why they’re made, how different styles changed, with an eye to changes in pop culture, drug culture, and regional styles from the South to the Bay Area.

Listen to the whole thing above, check out a nice writeup from Amini right here, and check out the This Is Some Noise website as well.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.



It’s definitely not for me, but at least the donk guys seem to know that it’s ridiculous and are having a laugh. Some other groups (the “purists” Corvette and Porsche included, stance, etc.) lack this self-awareness.