Texas Road Sign Suggests Donald Trump Is A Shape Shifting Lizard

The all-knowing Texan highway programmable road sign has spoken people, and it claims that Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is a “shape shifting lizard.” Heed the warning.


Of course the problem with omnipotent all-knowing programmable road signs is that we can never be sure how they get their information. Though the self-obsessed elitist candidate with the funny hair and fake tan does appear other-worldly at times.


The all-knowing programmable road sign, captured in the wild by NBC5's Tim Ciesco on Twitter, also backed Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders, suggesting a questionable bias.

Are you ready to make America great again? I hope you’re also ready for the new world order.

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Aaron James

isn’t there a cult or something that thinks everyone is a shape shifting lizard? I know i’ve read about this somewhere but i’m too lazy to google. also too lazy for capital letters.