For $26,543, You Could Drive Ken Griffey Jr’s 2000 Mercedes Benz RENNtech CLK 60

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe RENNtech CLK 60 was supposedly once owned by one of baseball’s heavy hitters. Let’s see if that provenance, and its tuner mods, will make its price a home run hit.

If you listen to any of the current political discourse in America today (and my condolences if you do), you’ll know that there’s a good percentage of people here that want to turn back the hands of the clock to a simpler, and more—in their minds—moral time. Of course, they don’t want to give up all the trappings of modern life while doing so, things like smart phones, sous-vide steaks, or Kate Upton in a string bikini.


You might think then that yesterday’s odd-bodkin of an old over new mashup, the 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 sitting on a 2004 Mercury Marauder chassis would be the cat’s pajamas when it comes to having the proverbial cake and eating it too. Sadly, the choice of what new was left to poke through the old seemed to call into question the choices made in the car’s execution and that led to its price falling in a 73% Crack Pipe loss.

Today we’re going to look at something that keeps its mods all in the present tense, and which comes with a sports provenance that may just sweeten the deal.

Ken Griffey Jr is one of only 29 players to have donned a batting helmet in major league baseball games in four different calendar decades. Over that time he gained a reputation as both a home run king and a solid defensive player, winning 10 Golden Glove awards along the way.


His 22-year career earned him a spot in both the Seattle Mariners’ Hall of Fame and that of the Cincinnati Reds, the two teams with which he spent most of that time. He was inducted just this year into the illustrious Baseball Hall of Fame with the highest vote earning in history.


Someone with that sort of storied career obviously rakes it in as baseball is a monied sport for the exceptionally talented. And of course if you’re making it you’ve got to spend it lest the government take it, and that being the case, at one point in time Griffey bought this 2000 Mercedes Benz RennTech CLK 60 for his personal use.

Now, you all know RENNtech, the Florida-based tuner of tuner cars that was founded by former AMG U.S.A. Tech Lead, Hartmut Feyhl. They’ve made their name mostly by pumping up the volume on Mercedes already loud and proud AMG-imbued models.


The CLK 60 features, as you would expect, a massaged six-litre edition of the Benz DOHC V8. That’s good for 408-bhp and 465 pound-feet of twist. That romper-stomper mill feeds a remapped Auto-box and LSD rearend. This one is claimed to have had the slusher refreshed by Benz in 2013 and the brakes likewise done by RennTech just last year. New tires round out the list of ready to rock accoutrement.


Visually, this orange over black, fat-fendered drop top is both attention-grabbing and seemingly in excellent shape, albeit with a few scratches here and there. The blackout trim might not be to everyone’s taste but I think we can all agree that the flares and 18-inch wheels do give this CLK a level of machismo missing on its more plebeian brothers and sisters.


The interior too is sight to behold—at least in the pics. It’s swathed in a mix of MB, AMG and RennTech swag and of course features a stereo that’s likely loud enough to get your nuts dancing the hokey pokey.

Mileage is a nominal 75K and there appear to have been two owners since Griffey last slid into the driver’s seat. The price? That’s a numerically unimaginative $26,543. Geez, I bet it wouldn’t be all that hard to figure out the seller’s computer password. I’m going with 12345.


It’s now time for you to figure out just what Ken Griffey Jr’s former CLK 60 droptop might really be worth. What do you think, is it up to bat at that $26,543? Or, is this RENNtech not getting into anybody’s hall of fame at anything near that price?


You decide!


Denver Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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