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Driving Through A Raging Forest Fire Is Exactly As Insane As You Imagined

Let’s take a nice leisurely stroll through hell.

Fire is a weird thing for humans to grasp. It makes cooking your food much easier, it can warm your ass up during a harsh winter, and if placed into a room showered with rose petals, it represents almost inevitable sexy time. However, when it’s allowed to run free in an environment that is extremely flammable, things go from scenic overlook to impossibly scary nightmare fuel in a heartbeat.

In this video, a car is seen racing through a burning forest that has set the sky ablaze. I only assume the driver is a professional, because I don’t think an amateur would be able to control a car when their pants are filled to the brim with poo.


Although the YouTube clip was attributed to the Alberta Fort McMurray fire that has been raging for a few days while authorities scramble to contain it, it is more likely a clip from a fire taking place in California, as per the video’s commenters that pointed out that the road markings on Canadian roads are quite different than what you’d find in the States.

Thankfully, we do have a clip of people evacuating the current fire, although it’s nowhere near as deuce-droppingly scary as the first one.


Improperly attributed or not, it’s a whole bunch of nope that I, for some visceral reason, can’t stop watching.

UPDATE 5/4/16 6:55 PM: Original YouTube Clip was updated to HD version, which took place in Anderson Springs, California. Hat Tip to Corey Hass.

Tavarish writes and makes videos about fixing and modifying cars on the internet. Sometimes they actually run.

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Corey Hass

You’re getting super sloppy Tavarish...this is a poop job of someone adding a sport bike sound over a video. This was published 8 months ago by Gawker’s finest...the one and only Casey “Click Bait” least you edited the title a little....sigh....…