Chris Harris VS. Bun B Is 2016's Hottest Twitter Feud

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2Pac versus Biggie. Drake versus Meek Mill. The Game versus, well, everyone. All of those historic rap battles can step aside, however, thanks to the hottest beef of 2016. It’s Top Gear host Chris Harris versus Houston’s own Bun B, and already it’s almost too much fire to touch.

The flames first started when Harris, clearly unfamiliar with Bun B’s Retaliation is a Must (sample lyrics: “If I pull it I’ma pop and be the first one to bust/We ain’t playin wit’chu hoes/retaliation is a must”), took a swipe at B’s beloved Gumball 3000, an event in which rich people try to out-rich each other in rich-people cars by doing rich-people things (and sometimes people die!):


Ice cold, as could be expected from someone who’s been in the game as long as Harris. But it wasn’t directed at Bun B, necessarily—which didn’t stop Bun B from taking offense, as he is a rich person who likes doing rich-people things and he definitely loves the Gumball:

Harris re-tweeted it, traditionally the worst thing you could do to a man who once spit bars containing lyrics like “Yeah, I know they hatin’ on me (on me), ‘cause I’m the man (‘cause I’m the man)/I’m too trill homie (trill homie), I don’t give a damn (I don’t give a damn).”

Many on Twitter thought this was a perfect example of why the Gumball rally is full of rich idiots who take a dumb and frivolous pursuit way too seriously, but Bun set them straight with a compelling argument:


Bun B went on to invite Harris to come talk smack about him and his silly rich friends to THEIR FACES, as one does when someone says things on the Internet about a big goofy rally:


Gumballers are indeed a persecuted class, after all:


We thought that was the end of that. I mean, it had to be, after B shot down Harris that badly. There’s no way a measly Top Gear host would be headed to down to Regent Street for the biggest rap battle the world has ever seen.

But your Jalopnik is not one to just let things lie. Oh no. We reached out to Chris Harris to see if he had any response to Bun B. And he came back with the hottest diss track we’ve seen since Jay-Z’s Supa Ugly:

I couldn’t make it to Regents Street because I was helping my son with his Latin homework. That’s how we roll in Englandshire!

And as someone who takes a verbal beasting most days, and likes to give the odd punchy response, I think this is all excellent sport.

In fact, I’m off to cover my 512 TR in lots of strikers and drive really fast in a straight line!


Holy crap that is hot fire. Unwilling to let Bun B’s corpse just lie, however, Harris had to drop the mic:

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Dear Jalopnik readers, Bun B would like you to remember for the future, if you’re going to go on Twitter and troll him, it’s most definitely “Bun,” NOT “Bum.”


UPDATE: Chris would like to clarify that he was not aiming to festoon his car in protesting workers, but rather in adhesive branding:

Superb work!

Now just change my iPhone induced type of strikers to ‘stickers’....

Thanking you

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RIP Bun B (1973 - 2016).

Deputy Editor, Jalopnik. 2002 Lexus IS300 Sportcross.

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I’ve done 5 Gumballs. Many dicks, but some great people back in the day, among the Charles Morgan, Jr, friend of all real car guys. There were many, many more such characters, and I miss them all.

I stopped doing such rallies after the fatalities on the 2007 Gumball. A little bit of humility would be a good thing on the part of those who can afford to go.

There was a time when Gumball attracted people who dreamed of the REAL Cannonball Run, and unstickered, professionally organized underground cross-country races like the U.S. Express, but those days came to an end about ten years ago, it seems. No one was ever hurt on those, and tickets were few compared to the circus that is Gumball.

The Gumball never was that, but out of a 100+ entries, there were always 5-10 who treated it seriously, and brought Mille Miglia or better levels of prep.

The rest of the field? You can take a guess.

Shameless self-plug: if anyone wants to know what Gumball was REALLY like during its golden years, I literally wrote the book on it:…

End of shameless self-plug.