So you know, Austin's all about the ladies forming a line to his left for makeouts and dudes forming a line to his right for hi-fives. Wert is all about tossing his dorkdom to the wind and wincing when it blows back in his face, then posting video of it anyway. Here we have video of Wert attempting to coerce Austin into conning Danica into the line to his left and Austin chickening out. According to Austin's sister, the Austin children are video-averse. Wert, however is a cammin' machine, which makes for some classic, short-short verit . Thankfully, though, neither of our correspondents are wearing short-shorts. Our sporty, spicy brother over at Deadspin had this up earlier today, but since our boys in Indy didn't seem to feel it was Jalop-worthy, we're making an executive decision and posting it here. Now go get that Chaim Witz interview, dammit!

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