Photo: Raphael Orlove of Ken Lingenfelter’s Garage, illustration by Jason Torchinsky
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Where else would 13-year-olds pretend to be billionaire Ferrari owners if it weren’t for Internet Forums?

I thankfully stayed away from the forum world when I was getting into cars, and mostly just read old articles on the great Muscle Car Club and Ultimate Car Page. I think I missed most of the horrible terror of having to pretend like I knew what I was talking about, or pretending to care about who was pretending to actually own some car I didn’t care about.


But working here at Jalopnik has exposed me to the brilliant shining light of terror/wonder that is forum life. This post giving the rundown on a dude crashing his BMW into a house sticks out in my mind as a particularly sweet moment.

What was the worst shitstorm that you ever witnessed on a forum?