Here's How Hard You Have To Fly A Drone To Win $250,000

15-year-old Luke Bannister and his team “Tornado X-Blades Banni UK” just took first place and a $250,000 cash prize in the Dubai Drone Grand Prix. Check out the drone’s perspective, as long as you’re prone to motion sickness.

This drone race was just the beginning of a whole digitized tier of competitions we’re going to see come out of the region soon. Dubai is gearing up for a massive “World Future Sports Games” at the end of 2017, which will feature “robotic swimming, running, wrestling and car racing, as well as drone flying” according to AP. So basically; an olympics for robots.

Start practicing now and you might have a shot and some more gratuitous cash prizes come race day.

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The video wasn’t bad, but the audio... Mute the video and put on some Kavinsky