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GM's kept a promise it made last year when it first started dropping hints about the Saturn SUV Green Line into conversation with the chicks at Hef's grotto (at least that's how we picture it happening). It's priced the Saturn VUE Green Line compeitively not with fellow hybrids, but with non-hybrid SUVs in the same class. It's also selling the Green Line's decent-but-not-outstanding mileage figures in comparison with gas-only models. It's a smart strategy considering the Vue employs a mild hybrid system, in which the electric motor supports the gas engine not takes over for it — leaving mileage numbers less than sexy. Still, it winds up with 170 horsepower from the 2.2-liter four, compared to the gas-only version's 143, and uses a stop-start system to reduce emissions. MSRP starts at $22,995 and the EPA says it'll get 32 mpg on the highway (adjust expectations downward). It all means GM can claim the lowest-priced hybrid SUV on the market. Huzzah.

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