For five months one of us made the hour-fifteen commute each morning up I-96 from Birmingham and our job up in the state's capitol of Lansing. We totally remember the monotony of that morning drive — day in and day in and day in and — you get the idea. We saw all manner of accidents on that drive — faces of death-like random deer hits, cars hitting the I-96 wall in Wixom near the now-closing Ford plant, bales of insulation falling off trucks going 85 mph and on to cars trailing six feet behind them — the usual commuter-type crap. What we didn't see, but could totally imagine, is some shmuck shifting lanes while not checking those pesky blind spots. Who woulda thunk our imagination would be caught on video by an Oakland County sherriff car at the Webberville exit?

Flippin' Cars On I-96 In Michigan [YouTube]

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