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A couple of UK news outlets have reported the details of engine-builder Al Melling's new supercar, the Melling Hellcat. It seems Melling, who's created engines for Lola (no, not the transvestite) and TVR, has said he's been working to build a whole car, powered by a 700hp V10, to take on the Aston Martins of the world. According to the Rochdale Observer, he's pretty far along. He recently showed off the Hellcat (above) to reporters (with, apparently, really small cameras). Melling says the front-engined, rear-drive car has a carbon fiber monocoque body and chassis (it weighs a total of around 2700lbs) and indeed has the promised V10, which propels it from zero to 60 in 2.8 seconds — topping out around 200 mph. It'll cost in the $190,000 range, and Melling has already contracted with Roush in the US to build 100 cars per month. Yep, this just might work.

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