With this anti-union TV-spot, the coming Labor-Management War of 2007-2011 may have just found its Archduke Ferdinand. The ad's from The Center for Union Facts — a front group set up by longtime front-group organizer and big-business lobbyist Richard "MADD spreads AIDS" Berman. Berman, when not running diclosure-less groups allegedly eats babies and farts in public. Click through for some past Bermenesque quotes.

"Tuna is safe for pregnant women, claims of mercury in fish are ludicrous."

..."insuring low-wage workers against catastrophic disability will cause the loss of nine million jobs across the country."

"Big Macs are a part of a balanced and healthy diet."

"Congress ... is seriously considering passage of a new law that would require employers to ignore AIDS infections among cooks and servers." [Source: Sourcewatch]

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