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Despite much evidence to the contrary, flying cars really haven't hit it big yet — despite claims made by Popular Science magazine to the contrary during our childhood. We still remember telling our mother back in 1986that we'd buy her a "flying car" for her birthday in 2006. Instead, we may be regressing — we'll probably be able to buy her a Camaro, Challenger or Mustang that'll fly in a year or two — but no car that'll get her into the atmosphere. That's why we're a bit wary of PopSci's recent "bold move" proclamation of a 2026 date for owning a car that not won't crash, but can't crash. Plus we don't want to be on the hook in 2026 for a flying crash-proof car for our mom.

In 2026 You'll Own a Car That Can't Crash [Popular Science]

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