Does This Photo Confirm Chris Harris Will Host Top Gear?

Oh look, here’s Chris Harris hanging out at a Top Gear production meeting. I wonder if that has anything to do with anything.


The picture comes from none other than Chris Evans, the confirmed half man/half Wollyknottle Bird who will be TG’s head host.

For those of you not familiar with Chris Harris, he’s a small man who lives in a hut in Wales, likes to hang out in the dirt, and may or may not be a hobbit.

He hosts a popular YouTube programme.


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Does anybody else like Top Gear without a really good driver as a host?I mean I know Clarkson was always into F1 and always an automotive journalist, but he wasn’t in the same league as Chris Harris. With Top Gear U.S., part of what it was lacking (in my opinion) was the fact that the competitions and races were pointless when you have two “average joes” verses Tanner Foust. The Stig is supposed to be their ace-in-the-whole driver. And the comedy comes from the fact that the three presenters like cars, but only really know what they’re doing with them 75% of the time. This might be an unpopular opinion, however, since I got into the show for more of the comedy than the car reviews (although I liked both).