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Think the past year's anemic 3.5% of market share in China forced Toyota to act, and act fast. You better believe it did! Toyota opened their first made-in-China Camry facility today — and they're looking to get a bigger piece of that oh-so-good-for-the-bottom-line Chinese auto market. And better late than never — cause the market's a-growing. At 5.7 million autos sold last year (a 30% jump), they're now the third-largest in the world. The new Camry will be priced at a discounted rate of 197,800 - 269,800 yuan ($24,700 - 33,700), significantly lower than the import-direct price of 340,000 yuan ($42,500). Watch out GM — you're now fighting a two-front battle here — let's see if y'all learned anything from the battles of the past.

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