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Why rent a Cobalt when you can upgrade to an Equinox, or a Taurus when you can get a Jeep Grand Cherokee — for a cheaper rate? It's the kind of question that once would have gotten a knee-jerk response, but according to the Wall Street Journal, people aren't so quick to take the perk any more. It's about gas prices, naturally, and rental agencies are starting to follow the more-suck-less-buck rule. For example, at the Los Angeles Airport's Enterprise location, a Chevrolet Trailblazer cost $37.24 midweek, while a Pontiac G6 cost $41, while Dollar Rent A Car dropped its average daily rate for SUVs from $64 to $49. If this persists, we'd imagine it'll start reflecting in fleet sales. Of course, the big question is, Can't anyone pad their expense accounts anymore?

The New Economics of Renting a Car [Wall Street Journal via Yahoo!]

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