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You thought the dune buggy went the way of Murph the Surf? No way, fink boy. Bruce Meyers, the guy who created and marketed the fiberglass buggy body that would become as recognizable an icon of motoring as the '65 Mustang โ€” the Meyers Manx โ€” still has a going concern for the cute little buggers. In fact, you can get a new Manxster kit that sits atop a VW Beetle chassis for as little as $5395 โ€” though considering how rare good Beetle bodies are becoming, the finished product will likely climb by a factor of three. Car and Driver's test Manxster was a corporate prototype that would cost in the exclusive neighborhood of $35,000, putting it in the realm of other high-ticket nostalgia rods. Then again, it does have a Subaru flat-four from an Impreza WRX STI. Whoa, momma.

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