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So we understand the auto industry's got this proclivity towards randomly changing advertising messages — sometimes at the drop of the hat — usually though, it's much more random than that — a hat you can actually see falling. We also understand how difficult it is for advertising folks and public relations folks to understand each other — and sometimes there's a tendency for Ad folks to kinda jump off the reservation a little bit — but for G-D's sake, can someone in GM's PR shop please talk to Paul Ballew before he goes out into public and gets all Lutz-ian again — and before he makes another comment likening advertising execs in the automotive industry as being "like ADD ferrets on amphetamines."

Despite the inherent truth in the statement — for the General's Executive Director of Global Marketing and Industry Analysis to come out and throw a stone like this, given the glass house that is the RenCen, was a horrible idea. Dude, do you even realize you guys own Cadillac? Pontiac? Chevy? Didja see your Super Bowl ad — and the quick firing of the ad agency who wrote it? The only consistency coming from GM's advertising team has been the consistent mediocrity. Plus, everyone knows coke's the new speed in the ad agencies.

'Ferrets' of Car Industry Can't Quit Ad Tinkering (subs. req.) [AdAge]

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