The Cars You'd Buy If You Won The $1.5 Billion Powerball

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Tonight the U.S. Powerball drawing is at a record-high $1.5 billion with a cash grand prize estimated at $930 million. You are extremely, extremely, extremely unlikely to win. But if you did, you know your first stop would be some sort of place where cars are sold. Or Craigslist.


Even with your chances of winning being extremely low, I say it’s time for Fantasy Garage material. If you had that kind of money, what kind of car or cars would you buy?

First, let’s assume that you do win, and that like most winners you go with the $930 million lump sum payment. You wouldn’t be quite a billionaire at that level, but you’d have what I like to call Fuck You Money (see also Mark Zuckerberg, who can wear his pajamas everywhere he pleases.) And Fuck You Money can buy you a lot of car.


You’d need a fleet to reflect your Fuck You Money status. A fleet like the one above, a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and a Mercedes G63 AMG 6X6. And not just one of each; maybe dozens, in case you’re prone to crashes or just like having a couple spares.

Or you could go the old school route and load your garage up with vintage 911s, scooping up most of the remaining ones to drive them up in value, all buried in an underground bunker while they accumulate in value. That’s called investing. I think.

Me? With $930 million in my bank account, I’d probably do the sensible, reasonable thing and buy about 160,000 NA Miatas, then spend whatever was left over on a Range Rover with a Carmax warranty. I hear that’s a good idea. I’m all about being conservative.

What cars would be yours with that kind of money?

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I wouldn’t buy cars that are much beyond what i can already afford now (sub $100k) because if I won a jackpot that big, my priorites would be to make myself as anonymous as possible and go into hiding from the public.

Buying flashy cars showing off ‘fuck you’ money would be the stupidest thing to do and be like painting a big target on my chest.