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Relative cheapskates who've been waiting for the non-S version of the Cayman won't have to wait very much longer. As Eurocar Blog is reporting, the base model is going on sale in Europe this July (with a US launch forthcoming as well). Starting at $49,400 (contrasting with the Cayman S's $58,900 MSRP), or $4,500 more than a base Boxster, the plain-Jane Cayman will get a 2.7-liter boxer engine with 50 fewer horses than its S sibling's 3.4-liter six (245 hp vs 295 hp). That smaller mill translates into a lower top speed (160 mph vs 171 mph) and a zero-to-62 (100 km/h) time of 6.1 seconds instead of 5.4. The S-less model will have fewer electronic gizmos and one fewer gear in the box. Still, it's got the same mid-engine mojo and stiff chassis, which could make it one of the best bargains among track-day coupes since the Lotus Exige — and expect lots of head-to-heads from the buff books in that regard.

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