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Holy hell, we thought we'd seen it all. We were wrong. It turns out the Honda Del Sol can not only be customized — it also can be retrofitted with a hyperspace drive, an R2 unit and some various assorted and sundry post-Clone War tech goodies. Chewie'd be proud. Of course we'll need Chewie — and a good hydrospanner (not the cheap-o Black and Decker variety) — cause apparently this little customized nerf-herder was smacked up by its owner real good. But we want to see this bad boy hitting the mean streets of Mos Eisley pronto — so hit that link below and show your love to a lover of the el-camino / Star Wars hybrid customizations (the PayPal link is on the left hand side of the page) — and may the force be with you friend, always. (hat tip - Chuck)

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