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American Inventor winner Janusz Liberkowski's got a decent chunk of change to play with after winning the show's $1,000,000 prize for his innovative "new to the world" spherical baby survival seat concept. The seat's definetly innovative — we've no doubt of that — what with it's ability to support a baby's head and neck regardless of what direction a car is hit. But more importantly, you can say goodbye to the need to tightly lash in your child — the seat takes care of that problem for you — so regardless of the tightness of the belt the baby's gonna stay secure in her buggy bumper. Now he's gotta just come up with some fun marketing ideas. Well, maybe Liberkowski could snag some earned media by selling a baby bubble to the princess of pop herself — Britney Spears? What with all of her baby trouble of the past week, this may be the perfect opportunity to get that first sale — plus the legions of loyal white trash teenie-boppers who listen to her pop-poop. And we all know they'll have their first babies by the age of 16 or so. It's totally the perfect market. Just remember to cut yer boys at Jalopnik in on the profits, ok Janusz?

Janusz Liberkowski crowned the winner of ABC's 'American Inventor' [Reality TV World]


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