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We've never been able to get into the show Lost. Try as we might, we just weren't able to get a stiffie for the ABC show. But maybe we just didn't realize how the show about island survivors of a mysterious plane crash could possibly find an automotive tie-in. Maybe we weren't looking hard enough. We totally aren't able to explain this one, so we'll let the run-on sentences of Deanna Zammit of AdFreak do it for us —

cause she seems to have the time to spend on mastering the intricacies of the Lost island / Hanso Foundation / Dharma Initiative. We aren't even sure why having a fake and evil executive named William T. Kirkpatrick would ever be considered good for Jeep sales. But what we do know is that's a totally sweet commercial below for the old Jeep CJ7 — and somehow this all fits together. Despite DZ's breathlessly enthusiastic explanation of the series' twists and turns, we're still mighty confused. So if someone wants to figure this Twin Peaks-esque mystery out for us and get back to us in the comments, we'd be much obliged — in the meantime, we're gonna go watch Smokey and the Bandit again — the plot's easier.

'Lost' plot thickens with online Jeep tie-in [AdFreak]

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