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We've already seen ads like "Then Again, Now Again" and the Red, White n' trying-to-be-Bold "Bold Moves" campaign from Am'rican automakers — so we guess Toyota's gotta try to blunt any potential "buy-Americanism" by bathing themselves in the bright lights of Talladega and the night-time lights of ESPN Monday Night Football. That's right, the not-so-much-domestic automaker's looking to advertise their way into some serious country honky-tonk cred — first with their NASCAR Camry — and now using folks like Brooks n' Dunn, bass-fishing events and the NFL to show off next year's intro of the new Toyota Tundra. So we guess this means the "Buy Am'rican" shtick's gonna feature Brooks n' Dunn versus Toby Keith — all we need now is for Seger to drop a couple of bars from "Like A Rock" to get us started, Cowboy Troy to referee — and we can have a regular "Country Star" thing goin' on — Yee-haw!

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