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Bill Ford sat down with David Shepardson of the Detroit News' DC Bureau and in addition to letting all of us know his proclivity for "rollerblading in Gallup Park to blow off steam after an especially galling Detroit Lions loss" and his love of "grocery shopping" — he says he's "fully engaged" in helping FoMoCo to turn it around and show some profits by his target date of 2008. Wee Willie Clay also has picked up some of the slack with the upcoming retirement of Jim Padilla as President and COO on July 1st, by helping to run the new committee of E-VP's replacing Padilla — a kind of "Politburo" to Ford's "Dear Leader". It must give Padilla some kind of warm and cuddly feelings to know even though he hasn't yet left — they've already replaced all the work he was doing in his job with a heart-less and soul-less bureaucratic device. Also, he's getting a gold watch — probably. More than likely it'll be "faux gold" — you know, cause of costs.

Bill Ford vows to revive automaker's profits by '08 [Detroit News]

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