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Apparently, Fat Stefan and his co-pilot, Trevor Karney (will the real Dietrich please stand up?) weren't travelling at a prosaic 160-ish. After all, a well-tuned 4th Generation Camaro could do that. No, recalculated scene forensics place the speed at 194mph. What's more, the rumored tape of the escapade exists and is believed to be in Karney's posession.

According to the Malibu Times "[Sgt. Philip] Brooks [of the Lost Hills/Malibu Sheriff's Station] also confirmed that a videotape shot from inside the car has been seen by at least one witness, who said the digital speedometer read 199 when the tape suddenly went "all flippy" as the camera malfunctioned during the crash."

F1 safety technology works, kids. [Thanks to Nick for the tip.]

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