OMG! Did you see the season finale of the O.C.? It was like, totally mondo-insane. So, like, Marissa forgave her mom for sleeping with her ex-boyfriend — whatevs, don't judge needed to like, happen and stuff — and then Ryan and the whole gang like, went out to that old house Marissa passed out in after it was rebuilt cause like, Ryan and Luke torched it way back in the last season. And then when they were driving off, that totally slimey dude, Volchok — he's like such a dick-hole — he like rams Ryan's car off the road — and OMG! — Bestest Part Ever — Ryan like saves her like he did in Tijuana — except shocker this time, cause Worst Ever, she like...dies. We mean, OMG! — How can they like, kill off Mischa Barton's character in a car crash? That's so totally cliched and stuff. But whatevs, ya know? — She was totally a bitch anyway.

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