The Best V12 Engine

There is no more prestigious engine int he automotive world than the smooth and complicated V12. Which one is your favorite?

I have my own particular V12 obsessions, which are almost all oddballs from America. While my favorite might be an old truck engine from General Motors, I have a huge soft spot for one of Ford’s two V12 projects from the ‘90s.


Above is the quad-turbocharged V12 that Ford crammed into their GT90 concept car. Unlike the V12 Ford worked on that did end up going into production (that’s a slightly sneaky reading of history), the GT90’s V12 was made out of cut up Modular V8s.

There’s something wonderfully proletariat about that. It’s kind of like Cinderella sneaking into the ball or something.

But that’s just one of my favorites. Which one is yours?


Photo Credit: Ford

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