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You'd think after a number of "accounting mishaps," the General woulda found someone to fire — someone must have messed stuff up enough that they could actually be fired, right? Apparently not, as all they've done so far is announce some "resignations" — which we guess are corporate-speak for "shit-canned." We've already seen a couple of moves under the leadership of new CFO Fritz Henderson — but this one's kinda up there. The latest casualty appears to be Peter Bible, GM's Chief Accounting Officer. He's elected to resign in order to "pursue other career options" — which we guess is schlep-speak for "I just got shit-canned." GM's also plans on drafting AlixPartners, a Southfield-based financial advising company, to help with all sorts of bean-counting. Lastly, GM's going to combine the positions of controller and chief accounting officer — and have launched an outside search to find America's next top executive. Good luck filling that one, boys!

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