Comment Of The Day: I Think That About Covers It Edition

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Car people truly are the best people! How can your heart not be warmed by the story of the guy whose SVT Focus got fixed on the down-low by his buddies?

While reader Margin of Oppo pointed out that the owner could probably buy a superior new Fiesta ST instead—a fact that is not untrue by any means—others pointed out that there’s a big difference between a car and your car. A huge, huge difference.

But it’s reader themanwithsauce who takes home today’s COTD win:

You’re missing the Focus of the story. The SVT model was the first Fusion of the UK and USA performance teams making a global product. It was a bit of an Excursion into unknown parts, but the resulting product was in Transit across both sides of the pond. The true petrolheads of ford were allowed to Flex their muscles and even go a little Freestyle. And now with the FiST and FoST, all enthusiasts have a reason to throw a Fiesta! But let’s give credit to the original Explorers if thus partnership - the SVT focus owners. There is no Escape from the feels in this story. You can Probe and poke at it all you want, but this is a happy ending and if you don’t wish to share the love and remain on Edge here, then I will kindly Escort you out of this thread ....Taurus.

Also aerostar, Windstar, and freestar

Indeed! Also, uh, F-150.

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Congratulations, Mr. themanwithsauce, on COTD today! I would like to gift you with a Ford Focus which this lovely lady will deliver to you as soon as Pinto, Bronco and Mustang.