Audi Painted Their Top Performance Cars In Super '70s Soviet-Style Wonder

Imagine your dream 1970s Soviet vacation to the beach, and this would be your color palate: leaving your grey apartment block outside Bucharest for your orange swim suit against the glittering blue water. You’d find the same hues in Audi’s fastest cars at the LA Auto Show.


The Audi R8, the Audi RS7 Performance, and the Audi S8 Plus—these are the very pinnacle of the brand’s high-speed offerings, and Audi showed them in three completely awesome and very 1970s Soviet-style paint.

They are all six-figure cars, hugely powerful as well. The R8 comes with either 540 or 610 horsepower, the RS7 Performance has 605, and the S8 Plus (as Audi vaguely claims) has over 600. It’s cool to see such weird paint on them, eschewing the tired flat blacks and whites of more boring brands.


The specific colors are Dynamite Red (that’s the orange the R8 is in), Nardo Grey (that’s the flat battleship color the S8 Plus is in), and Ascari Blue (that’s the cobalt the RS7 Performance is in).

These are all ‘exclusive’ colors according to Audi, running anywhere from $2,000 to $2,500 as an optional extra.

Looking this proletariat isn’t cheap.


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Ascari blue is named after the race track? *sigh* For shame! Yes there is a track but it’s named after Alberto Ascari and the blue is because of his blue helmet that he thought was a good luck charm. He also always wore blue shirts or coveralls as well.