What Car Should Be The Face Of Your Business?

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A Citroën Ami will always struggle to go up the hills of West Yorkshire, but if you’re a barber in a small town, you couldn’t ask for a more fitting company car.


There aren’t many Amis left on this planet, mostly because these basic Citroëns were barely more than rebodied 2CVs, which meant nobody cared for them once they started to show their age.

Derren Shields saved one from France, only to turn it into a custom wonder he can drive around Halifax at any speed that 600cc engine can provide. When it is parked in front of his barber shop, people know the razors are busy inside.

But what if you’re not a barber in West Yorkshire? What if you money maker is a coffee shop, a bakery or the best outdoor store in the whole county?

What would be the rolling face of your business?

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