Comment Of The Day: The Shine-Circles That Gleam And Reflect Edition

Wheels: what are they? They are discs of brilliance. Yes. Another question: are they that which you find positive in the greater sense of your being?

Greater study on the wheels, that which they are and that which they impart upon our being, was approached today as we gazed upon the wheels of chrome and excellence affixed to the 1993 Dodge Viper GTS concept.


Reader and looker Owlrich replied with veracity:

Yes. These are the good wheels. Give me the wheels that shine. My position on these wheels is that they shine very much and are also quite good in the wheel-sense. Oh, how they gleam and sheen, those wheels. Yes, I will have those wheels that reflect the moon and the stars presently.

Reader jimmythered followed.


And Owlrich responded.

Ah I see you also admire the shine-circles that gleam and reflect. This is good and we are now friends. We both very much do appreciate these so very light-reflecting wheelrims.


All of this is that with which I agree. What about you?


Photo Credit: Dodge

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Michael Ballaban

Raph didn’t want to put a song in this one, because he is terrible. I, however, will provide a song. A glorious song, a song of joy, and wonder.

The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round, motherfuckers.