Surprise! Alfa Romeo Giulia Sedan And New SUV Delayed: Report

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Look, we’ve been here before. Alfa Romeo gets that look in its eye, starts playing the music, and then right when its about to deliver the goods and finally sell cars in the States again, something “comes up” and enthusiasts all across America are left wanting. Well surprise, folks, it looks to be happening again.


If Sergio Marchionne ever wanted to get close to that lofty goal of selling 150,000 Alfa Romeos in the U.S. by the end of the decade, we knew it was going to take more than sex to get there. The best year of sales Alfa Romeo ever had in the States (when it sold cars here) didn’t even break 10,000.

And now, as it has happened so many times before, Alfa Romeo is “delaying” its promise to properly return to American shores (I can’t afford a 4c, Sergio), according to a report from Automotive News:

The Giulia Quadrifoglio midsize sedan will go on sale in Europe six months later than planned in the middle of next year, two supplier sources told Automotive News Europe. Alfa’s first SUV, based on the Giulia, will not come to market before early 2017, nine months later than planned, the same sources said.

And that isn’t including the three to six months AFTER the European debut for it to show up on the sales floor in America. There also isn’t too much information about the other six models the brand plans to develop in the next five years.

Supposedly Fiat Chrysler’s entire plan for Alfa Romeo, including the mentioned eight upcoming models, is now being completely re-worked, ditching the initial goal for.. something else which will be announced “in January” according to a conference call with CEO Marchionne.

Apparently the panic set in when China stopped being interested in Maserati, which Fiat Chrysler was using as a “dry run” for their plans for Alfa Romeo.

I mean, is anybody really surprised? We saw the warning signs. First we were told they developed the new super complex and expensive M3 fighting luxury-sport-sedan Giulia in only two-and-a-half years. Then Marchionne got laughed off the phone by General Motors CEO Mary Barra for suggesting a merger, which he is now desperately (and creepily) trying to force into existence.


At least we know they have a car, it sounds amazing, looks pretty good-to-great (depending on how tired you want your car to look) and will be sold somewhere, someday, probably.

Hey kid, chin up. Don’t take down that poster (or phone wallpaper, whatever it is we do these days) just yet. Just give it nine months to a year. Maybe more. We’ll let you know.


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