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As we mentioned earlier, in an auction over the weekend, the work box of legendary car pinstriper, flautist and posthumous trucker-hat signatory, Von Dutch, went for a completely unexpected six-figure high bid. It's in times like these, as we stand gape-mouthed at the intersection where a simple cultural artifact was mowed down by an out-of-control Brinks' truck, that we turn to Mr. Jalopy for guidance:

$65 Von Dutch trucker hats sold at Bloomingdales are an abomination. Von Dutch's pinstriping box selling for $270,000 makes a sort of sick sense. Sure, it is insulting at some level that anything less than a 3 bedroom house should sell for that much money, but this box is key in the history of hot rodding. Not the dry lakes and khaki's hot rodding of the 40's, but the acid and Coors drenched metalflake 60's.

Ain't nostalgia a bitch?

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