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After "Moonraker," the first movie we ever slept all the way through in the theater, Bond fans weren't expecting much from the series, which appeared to be petering out. But then came "For Your Eyes Only," and only the Connery purists' hearts were hardened. FYEO was a far better, more traditional Bond caper starring a proper, earth-bound sports car: the Giugiaro-designed Lotus Turbo Esprit. Now, the Bond Esprit from the movie, which became our favorite car right up until our ill-fated Countach period, is up for bidding on eBay, though it'll cost $250,000 just to get in the game. Damn. Now that Shirley Bassey Sheena Easton tune is stuck in our head.

James Bond For Your Eyes Only Turbo Esprit [eBay via Noonzwheels]

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