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To paraphrase erstwhile arena-rock band Journey, "still they write." They write (at least CNN does) because entrepreneur, Ferrari Enzo crasher, alleged counterfeiter, Homeland Security officer and reported member of an odd kind of balls-out Mafia only Sweden could produce, Stefan Eriksson, returned to court in Los Angeles, today. But Eriksson won't have to face charges of embezzlement, grand theft, drunken driving, racketeering while Swedish and felonous firearm possession until May 30. What's more, last week police raided a small bus company that had allegedly started a barely-legitmate police force based on an obscure federal transportation law — it was the same company that had reportedly issued Eriksson a Homeland Security officer's badge. In the raid, police seized weapons, badges and other materiel. We're still waiting for a proper tag name for this incident to emerge, our own submission, "herring-gate," having been rejected out of hand.

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