Watch These Emotionless Workers Meticulously Tear Apart BMWs For Recycling

Look, we all know it’s inevitable. Cars get old, develop issues, (or don’t make it beyond the test facility) and eventually the love is lost. Watching these expired models slowly get gutted, drained, torn apart, and crushed, however, is still depressing for some reason.

What the hell did they do to deserve this? And what did I do to deserve a 20 minute video with no narration or music? It makes it even harder to watch the various BMW and Mini models get slowly torn apart by a group of the worlds most emotionless people.

First every airbag in the car is violently ruptured, one by one. Then the car is completely drained of fluids; life. It’s lifted up for salvageable bits of it’s undercarriage to be violently sawed off and dumped in a bin.

Then it goes to the crane room.

The crane room is where the car’s engine, nay, its heart is violently torn out of the shell. You can hear the metal grinding, resembling the final fatal shriek; the death of an automobile.


The crane then hoists this carcass into the crusher, where it’s reduced down to a worthless block of memories.

Happy Monday!

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Look at all those cars that will never be parked sideways across two parking spaces anymore.