Comment Of The Day: That's Just Poor Engineering Edition

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With Star Wars on everybody’s mind more than usual lately, our man Jason Torchinsky took the time to call out the extremely questionable nature of the TIE Fighter. He’s right, but that’s hardly the worst example of engineering in that universe.


Reader Diesel knows what’s up:

You think that’s bad? Try being the one responsible for designing exhaust ports.

If that happened in real life, Imperial execs would have been hauled before Congress, a few choice engineers would have been fired as fall guys, lawsuits would be settled out of court, and a few token recalls would have been issued following a PR campaign about how sorry they are and how safe the next Death Star will be.

Instead I bet Darth Vader just force-choked everyone who screwed that up. He’s like a more self-actualized Bernie Ecclestone.

Congrats on the COTD win, Diesel!

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Congratulations, Mr. Diesel, on COTD! The closest thing to a space vehicle I have to give you is a crotch rocket which this lovely lady will deliver in a few days.