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We don't think we're alone in thinking Pontiac's product line-up over the past 15 years has been somewhat ... sucky. It would appear Pontiac's marketing director Mark-Hans Richter would agree. Here's a selection of comments he made to one trade mag recently:

"It would have been far easier for us just to be retro and do what the '60's Pontiac was...back then, Pontiac was a very progressive brand. So we're trying to move it into a new space..."

"It hasn't been the coolest thing to have a Pontiac in your driveway for a while..."

"[Pontiac's strategy is based on] creating social acceptance..."

Glad to see Pontiac's really pushing the envelope here — socially acceptable is totally the direction for an automaker. Maybe they could use it like Ford uses "Bold Moves?" You know, something like...

"ACCEPTANCE is a journey of mediocrity"

"ACCEPTANCE fights back meekly"

"ACCEPTANCE is up to the challenge of being vanilla"

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