Is The Hottest New Car in The World A Minivan?

Tesla seems happy to talk about the new Model X as an SUV. It’s been called a crossover, too. But is it either? Did Elon actually just make a minivan?

Indeed, Tesla says the “Model X is the SUV uncompromised.” It’s possible that in removing the compromise from an SUV, they have inadvertently made a minivan. Or they made a minivan from the get go and now they’re blurting a bunch of nonsense about any SUV identity.


There’s some serious evidence that the Model X is not an SUV at all (it does not have even the slightest inclination about going off road), but rather a minivan.

  • It is built off of the same platform as a regular car, the Model S.
  • It rides low.
  • It has three seats.
  • It has ridiculous rear doors designed to make life easy in parking lots.

That Elon’s newest car is a minivan makes sense. The guy has five kids.

Don’t worry about calling the X a minivan, Elon. Minivans are cool!


Photo Credit: Tesla

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Aren’t all modern SUV’s and Crossovers just, “HEY! I need a minivan but I don’t want a minivan.” things anyway?