Ocean City Police Had A Hella Good Time Impounding Stanced Cars This Weekend

Picturesque Ocean City, Maryland. Home to a lovely boardwalk, fine dining, and of course, the stanced car fest H2Oi, infamously also the most-ticketed car show in America. This past weekend’s H2Oi 2015 was no exception. Journey with us through Instagram as we see the crackdown on stance.

These photos come to us from the OCPD Roll Call Instagram, which is not an official police account but rather one that monitors much of the police activity as they target cars (as well as street racers and other public hoons) that aren’t in compliance with local regulations. Which, since H2Oi is a festival popular with stanced cars, is basically everyone.


Maybe do it somewhere else next year, guys? Like Virginia? Virginia’s super chill when it comes to cars, right?

Update: Police in Ocean City said the event went “smoothly,” with 38 arrests from Thursday to Sunday, down from the annual average of 53. So smooth!


Hat tip to Thebloody, head wrangler of all things Solihull in Oppo!

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The official shoe of H2Oi: