What's Your Weirdest Car-Selling Story?

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Selling a car is hard. Well, ‘hard’ isn’t the right way to put it. ‘Filled with skeezballs and weirdos’ is more accurate.


If you’ve sold a car on Craigslist, eBay, in a dealership or whatever, you have assuredly dealt with the stranger sides of human’s natural tendencies.

Please post your weirdest encounters below. Pictures are welcome, but not required.


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Garrett Davis

Here’s the breakdown of events:

  • I clean up the car for sale, fix any issues, get it smogged
  • List the car for sale on Craigslist
  • Get some calls, meet a few tire kickers
  • Within a week or three a serious offer comes in
  • We haggle a bit, but eventually settle on a price
  • We sign the paperwork, I hand over the keys and anything else I have to go with the car
  • The guy drives away and I never hear from him again
  • I make a sandwich

That has been the situation for every one of my 9-10 car sales on Craigslist. According to how people talk about Craigslist, this must be very strange. In fact, when I’ve told people how a sale went, it isn’t unusual for them to respond with: “weird.”

Either people’s perception of Craigslist deals is off or I am.