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The History Behind The Lamborghini Huracan

A look back at the history behind the Lamborghini Huracan - a car that only wants to push you forward as fast as physically possible.


It looks like a Lamborghini. It sounds like a Lamborghini. Yet unlike their cars of the past this is a raging bull that let’s you feel like you’re in control. Whether or not that redefines what a Lamborghini can be is up to the individual.

I’d wager that one go in the car will have anybody clenching both their cheeks in the seat and where the corners of their stupid grin meet their face.


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I don’t mean to sound too Clarkson-esque but this car is an Audi engineer in an Italian suit.

The Huracán is closer in purpose to a GT-R or a 650S than a Muria, Countach, or even an Aventador. That said it’s not a V12 Lamborghini but I still feel like the Gallardo (especially the Balboni and Superleggera editions) kept more with the Lambo ethos than this does.