What if you don’t have the flame-spitting, huge horsepower car of your dreams? What if you’re stuck driving your mom’s minivan? Can you still do a burnout? Uh hell to the yes you can.

Professional hoon/Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck and Donut Media explain how “not” to do a burnout in one such rental/soccer mom status minivan. It is probably for liability reasons that they are saying this is how “not” to do it. That’s cool.


The steps are:

  1. drop the rear seats (two-seaters have more horsepower duh)
  2. turn off the traction control (this involves pulling the right fuse)
  3. lock the e-brake down
  4. mat that throttle till the tires burst
  5. lift off the e-brake and smoke away like you just won a vape competition

Now don’t do it where you’ll wreck the car, hit somebody else, or get yourself arrested.


It’s that simple!

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