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You Don't Drive A Citroën SM, It Drives You

Futuristic Jetsons-like styling, adjustable suspension, turning headlights, and a manual gearbox unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Sound like the future? How about a 1973 Citroën SM.


Here at Jalopnik, we’re no stranger to the magic and mystery of Citroën. A few weeks back, Oppositelock user Clayton Seams bragged about getting to cover a unique little French car on the blog, and luckily for us he has video! Check out his awesome film on the lovely Citroën SM:


Clayton’s article on goes into more detail on just how special this car is, and their YouTube channel has quite a few wonderful films about oddball cars, including a 1963 Amphibicar!

I’m still in love with the modern Citroën Cactus, and can only dream that one day the quirky French company somehow makes a strong return to the States.

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Great chase scene with one of these in the original Longest Yard movie with Burt Reynolds. But the girl who owns it refers to it as a Maserati. Burt also is surprisingly abusive to his girlfriend in the preceding scene.