BMW CEO Harald Kruger collapsed onstage while speaking during BMW’s Frankfurt Motor Show press conference earlier today. Watching the video, he becomes unstable and falls, appearing disoriented and confused. The press conference was cancelled, but happily Kruger is said to be stable and recovering.

BMW Group senior vice president of corporate affairs, Maximilian Schoberl, described the situation with admirable restraint:

“Harald Kruger experienced a moment of dizziness.”

Kruger has only been CEO since May, and this is his first Frankfurt Motor Show as CEO. Preparations before a motor show are pretty intense for everyone, and sleep is more often than not a neglected luxury. In a way, it’s amazing this sort of thing doesn’t happen more often.


Seeing anyone collapse like that is alarming; you can see the woman in the blue car on stage covering her mouth in surprise:

The BMW press conference will be rescheduled.

(photo credit: Getty)

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